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Most current issues can be solved by enabling SSL.

Apple Mail and Thunderbird Users: After enabling SSL for you account, you may receive a certificate warning, this would be okay to confirm or trust certificate

Windows Live Mail Users: Windows live mail is no longer supported by Microsoft. In the event that and are not working in the program, please try:

  • incoming:
  • outgoing:
These settings may also work for any older versions of Microsoft Outlook

Current port settings:


  • 143 (TLS)
  • 993 (SSL)


  • 110 (TLS)
  • 995 (SSL)


  • 25 (TLS)
  • 465 (SSL)
  • 587 (SSL)

We are sorry, but these programs are no longer compatible with our email system:

  • Outlook Express 6 or earlier
  • Eudora 7 or earlier
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or earlier

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