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Service Dept Computer Repair

Diagnostic scanning computer hardware and software for inconsistencies is $45.00 at time of drop off of system.

Removal of viruses includes malware/spyware, and browser highjackers then after deleting temporary files then add windows updates to for security updates of Microsoft vulnerabilities. The cost of the service is $100.00 additional logins are $10.00's each for cleaning. Normally there is a two-day turn around for virus removal, though depending on the virus it may be longer.

Installation of video cards, ethernet adapters, memory modules, dial-up modems $30.00 for installations.

Reinstallation of Windows Operating systems 98/ME/2000/XP is $100.00 includes installing all drivers for hardware updating to latest service packs and windows updates (this does not include data backup or transfer). If at time of service the computer hardware is deemed defective customer will have to make a decision on cost of repair to continue. Installation of a new hard drive purchased by customer is $30.00. If a hard drive is not on premises for purchase customer can pick a hard drive up at Staples, Wal-Mart or even OfficeMax to expedite service. Windows 95/98/ME are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Data Transfer is $100.00 whether it is one item or several items. Customer data like email, address books, My Documents (includes pictures, music, office documents) Desktop items are retrievable not programs. Customer will make decision at time of drop-off. Media supplied by the Service Dept will be applied to the customer invoice cd $2.00 each Dvd $3.00 each. DVDs will not work in a home DVD player only DVD drives attached to computer systems.

Removal of programs such as anti-virus or installed program like Microsoft office and reinstallation is $60.00 pending no issues on installation.

Charges may change depending on nature of service.

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