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FTP Instructions
The step-by-step on putting your finished site on the web

General Information

First a little information and explanation of terms.
FTP: File Transfer Protocol. The program or process that transfers files (webpage, image files etc.) from your machine where it was created up to the server where the files can be viewed by the rest of the world.
.JPG: Image file used on webpages.
.GIF: Image file used on webpages.
HTML: Webpage files are this type usually this type with a file extention of .HTM or .HTML

A webpage is not just one file but a combination of image and text files put together into a document that can be viewed by a browser (example: Internet Explorer or Netscape)

When people go to people will see whatever is in the document called "index.html". (You can use "index.htm", "default.htm", or "home.html" if you like; "index.html" is most standard and therefore recommended.)

Uploading With Other Software

Your FTP server is "".

  • Login with your user ID and password.
  • You will now be in the correct directory for uploading your files. (You specifically should not create or change into a "public_html" directory.)
  • Put the files that comprise your web page up onto the server.


Microsoft FrontPage
With both editing and uploading capabilities this is our favorite. With a one time 25.00 setup charge you can even set it up to edit your files right on the server. This also allows the Webbot componets in the program like counters and form to be used on your site.

With Frontpage extentions:

  • Choose FILE, SHOW FrontPage Webs at location
  • Choose your Web site from the list, put in your username and password and you will see all the files inside
    your Website. Double click the file inside the Explorer and the page will show in the editor or click NEW PAGE
    and create a new page.

Without Frontpage extentions:

  • Publish using FILE, PUBLISH FrontPage Web.
  • Put in username and password this will drop the files right into your directory.











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