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...all boats need water...
This is so simple, that we hesitate to even mention it. But the truth is, "BOATS NEED WATER." Just 15 - 30 seconds of starting without proper water hook up could do , "THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF DAMAGE."
The Flush Rites are inexpensive & hook up directly to the hose.... Just yesterday, I heard my neighbor start up his boat and run it for 2-3 minutes without any water hooked up. And he even knows better...(he'll be in soon for repairs, so don't make the same mistake!) Quick flushing unit that slips over side water inlet on most outboards and inboard/outboards. Flushes coolant systems and allows idling for engine adjustments. Install using a garden hose. Polyester-coated spring steel arms clamp a 3-1/2" dia. suction cup over the engine's water intake. No tools required


2 cycle vs. 4 cycle engines: the straight story....

..the straight story on the 2 cycle vs. 4 cycle controversy, and the U.S. Emission Regulations in the United States is this...The EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) started regulating outboard engine emissions beginning with the 1998 model. The new standard requires a 75% reduction in emissions by year 2006. Outboards meeting this reduction requirement are considered EPA 2006 compliant.
By the model year 2001, all new outboards must meet the EPA 2006 standard. By model year 2004 all new outboards sold in Califormia must be 20% cleaner that EPA 2006 to be considered "very low" emissions.
The Questions is this: "How does all this affect the engine I buy today?
The Answer is: "It doesn't." Only the sales on new outboards in California beginning with model year 2001 are affected. The USE & RESALE of EFI 2-Stroke outboards or carbureted ARE NOT AFFECTED BY either the EPA or California standards... "Isn't that GREAT NEWS?"
...a word about security
(or a needle in a haystack...)
While security issues are something that every online shopper & merchant should know about, they are NOT a reason to worry...To understand why the risk of intercepting a credit card # over the internet is so little, we need to understand a little about how the internet moves data around. Imagine you are sending a letter by regular mail. You then shred it into a thousand pieces, and put each piece in a separate envelope, and then mail each letter at a different post office, to be put back together again at your chosen location. (It would be easier to find ONE NEEDLE in a MILLION HAYSTACKS...)
Also there is a little trick called "ENCRYPTION" which scrambles data according to a complex equation. Major Banks & Credit Card Companies use encryption & SO DO WE! We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the best possible SECURITY advantages such as firewalls, the latest encryption, and a physical security as well... A cyber-fortress of the highest level...

...just e-mail us your question, and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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