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Current Specials:
Life Vests: HOT-HOT-HOT, Hot new colors, Navy & Blue, Teal & Purple, Lime & Blue, Hottest Name Brands!!!! AWESOME GRAPHICS..........
HOT Pursuit, 38 OFF, American Cup, Kent
sizes: infant $22.95, child $25.99, youth $28,99 Adult $28.99 - 39.99
(prices may vary depending on brand, & Discounts may apply on quantities of 2 or more).

Just In: 38 OFF/HOT Pursuit, Black & Royal Blue, Black & Silver Grey, Black & Red, 4 wide belt "Infinity" series, and try RED & BLACK & PURPLE Splash...(We do recommend BRIGHT COLORS for infants & children). Pictures of any products are available upon request by either fax, internet, or by mail...
10% OFF any order !!!
Don't let your pooch miss out on a day on the water we carry Doggie Life Vests Too!!!
$20.89 for small, medium & large
$26.19 for XL & XXL

Hot Tubes-Wakeboards-Skis

Ask Diane anything about tubes, she is the expert...Whether you are looking for an inexpensive durable tube or a state of the art, aerodynamic wonder, we have it........(or can get it in 1 day delivery)....
Seriously, what ever you are looking for in a tube, or any water accessory for that matter, can be found at just about any price range you are looking for. We carry the top quality lines available.
For example:
A) SPORTSTUFF: Sportsstuff Sportstube is a colorful 30 gauge economic tube with molded handles, main & safety chambers, a 3 X 60" black nylon webbing tow bridle that fits around the front of the tube. One person capacity. 54 inches in diameter P/N 72-1115 runs only $25.99

B) Sportsstuff ZIP SKI PLUS: The Zip Ski Plus is a 54" diameter performance towable tube, with a zippered tow rope locker, four double webbing cushioned off-set handles with neoprene foam knuckle pads, a speed valve for fast inflation/deflation and a separate safety chamber plus a self bailing bottom mesh drainage vent (a must!) P/N 72-1146 only $62.99

C) Hot Pursuit/38 Off: The Hot Pursuit/38 OFF Pro Series 56" Zipper Open Top Tube. This is my personal favorite for many reasons. The first is because it has a heavy duty vinyl, fully enclosed inner tube, that zippers shut for extra durability. It has heavy duty nylon cover and quick grip handles & reinforced towing attachment, & built in drainage system, reinforced edge, dual chamber inner tube...And it comes in cool, assorted colors. My favorite is the Red & Black, but the Blue & Black looks really good too. It is well worth the extra couple of bucks at $99.99 (it retails at 135.99, but this is our SPECIAL FEATURE TUBE...).P/N 72-1367

D) The Limo Series: There's nothing like it! Great Fun...AND COMFORT!!! with wonderful, recumbent seating. Seating ranges from a low profile one seater at $139.99 to an awesome super limo seating 4 persons...Of course this model has all the latest, quality features; 2 main chambers, two speed valves for easy inflation/deflation. K80 40 gauge PVC with an 840D nylon cover. Off-set double webbing foam handles, hand signal patches & auto-bailing bottom drainage vents. Includes a C2000 rope 118"L X 88"W X 12-16"H Part Number 72-1560.

E) The TWISTER: The twister Series: Features a one person barrel of towable fun. The twister is designed to do rolls, and you will feel as if you're in orbit. Heavy duty 840D Nylon, all seams are double or triple stitched, six soft grip handles. Includes a maintenance kit at $219.99 P/N 72-1192. This is the most durable tube I have found & is for the "Extreme" tube enthusiast only. Definitely not for the inexperienced tuber.

F) Just in, the AIRHEAD RIP TUBE: If you are looking for a tube that you can actually carve slalom turns and jump wakes, this is the tube for you. You can really RIP!!! Simply lean in the direction you want to turn and pull on the opposite handle. Plastic fins sewn onto the side of the cover do the carving. Easy to reboard from the open back. 48" X 50" and equipped with Kwik-Connect, Airhead Multi-Valve, 6 neoprene knuckle guards and tubular webbing covered handles, rugged 30 gauge vinyl inner tube, high density 840 denier nylon cover and inflated floor for easy drainage. One person Model for $149.99 P/N 72-1452, or 2 person model for $179.99, P/N 72-1454.

G) I also like the the AIRHEAD TILT TUBE: For a great bargain triangular shaped tube, the Tilt is a super versatile towable/water toy that's guaranteed to get a lot of use. Tow it hehind your boat or personal watercraft or enjoy it at the beach or in the pool. Eye catching Airhead pinball graphics with a yellow pinball inside!!! What makes this tube super special is that is has super heavy duty 34 gauge CLEAR VINYL, so you can see everything below. 4 molded plastic handles & tow rope harness for only $89.99 P/N 72-1456

In wakeboards, design is a factor in terms of performance & skill level. Prices range from $79.99 to $299.99
Scott's Boat carries a full line for beginner boards to expert models all at a price you can afford.

Puritan: The Puritan Razor is a very reasonably priced wakeboard, ultimate for the beginner to intermediate skill level. Made of High-impact polyethylene construction. Extremely durable and lightweight. Full boot wrap binding gives more support than bungee bindings. $129.99 P/N 70-2200 (blue & black).

Puritan: The Jacknife is a symmetrically shaped design for the crossover rider. Twin-tip is ideal for switch stance tricks. Balanced flex pattern for fakie landings, sharp bottom rails for hard cuts. Full wrap bindings. Beautiful red & black graphics for only $249.99 P/N 70-2210

Puritan: The Stiletto offers everything that the Jacknife does with Liquid Compression structure for stregnth and vivid lime & teal graphics in a rainbow checked pattern.

Puritan: The ZOMBIE: offers twin tip design with interchangeable fins and double cut channels for performance. The graphics are extreme. Binders combine innovative unibody base plate with rigid heel cups for comfort and control at only $269.99 P/N 70-2215

Puritan: The PHANTOM: is the ultimate in performance and graphics. Resonance dampening construction, special molding techniques that put up barriers to the spread of vibrations. Engineered to bend, curve and flex at key points for enhanced ride control. Fine grooves direct water flow through the stabilizing fins for an unparalleled ride, for only $289.99 P/N 70-2217

Other Puritan Models, The Black Widow, First Contact & Lassen Ocean Images....PICTURES OF ALL MODELS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.....

38 OFF -The Inversion Twin Tip offers extraordinary performance and high tech construction. Variable edge twin tip design. Sharp defined edges provide true tracking through the wake for added speed. Foam core fiberglass construction. New high-wrap binder system, twin fins. $299.99 P/N 70-2112

38 OFF - Red Hot Double Ended Twin Tip is a super quality board that features high tech construction and the popular twin tip design. Sharp edges offer great tracking and speed. Adjustable sandal style binder system. Twin fins. Red hot graphics for only $239.99 P/N 70-2111

Kneeboards and Fun Accessories

38 OFF - Kneeboard - Hot Pursuit is a great kneeboard for the beginner to intermediate skill level. Very stable, responsive and EASY TO GET ON! Very impressive Hot Pursuit, Red & Black graphics. Low profile side rail design holds board in tight turns. Twin tunnel beveled edges, contoured nylon covered foam kneepad & 2" velcro knee straps. priced from $79.99 - $99.99 P/N 70-1550

38 OFF - The Infinity Kneeboard - is for the intermediate to Pro Rider skill level. Remote Trac Drop Thru Fin System allows you to change the board from tricks to slalom. Rotational molded foam filled construction. Anti-drag hull design for SAFE, easy deep water starts, high tip rocker, flat mid section, short modified tunnels for quick, tight turns, remote Trac drop through fins. "V" tail design, beveled edge, competition rocker, contoured foam kneepad & 2" padded velcro knee strap. Purple & Black graphics at only $159.99 P/N 70-1551

AQUA - Eye See-through - The Aqua Eye See-through Float Board provides hours and hours of fun for kids and adults alike. The newest alternative to the mask and snorkel, float around and view the underwater in total comfort. 32-1/2" deck with expandable viewing port. Works like your own glass bottom boat for only $31.99 P/N 70-2050

H20 - Water Trampoline, Yes, you heard it right. A great play station, a great place for the gang to gather for some water fun. 8' diameter trampoline, floats right on top of the water, with durable stainless steel springs, and webbed ladders and grab handles for easy entry & anchorage.Retails for $529.99 P/N 72-1000. (When I first saw that price I almost choked, then I did some research and boy was I surprised when I saw similiar water trampolines in other catalogs for as much as $3,499). For the buck, this 8' diameter water trampoline is the way to go!


Hot Pursuit 38 Off Complete Ski package: This package includes everything you need to get you skiing right away. A pair of 38 Off 67" combination Skis, quality skis featuring steel rod reinforcing for optimal flex, a concave tunnel bottom and beveled edge for sure tracking, and a tapered tail for easy turns. Drop thru fin, foam lined adjustable slide binding and rear slalom toe all standard. Package also offers a matching universal Hot Pursuit Ski Vest and a ski rope. Great Buy at only $169.99 Red/Gold P/N 70-1352, Blue/Black P/N 70-1353, Teal/Silver P/N 70-1354 Skis sold separately for $139.99

Combination 60" Wide Ride 38 Off Skis - SLALOM/COMBINATION Wide Ride, the new wider front allows the skier to get out of the water faster and the parabolic shape allows you to carve clean, precise turns. The additional surface area also offers the benefit of skiing behind lower horsepower boats and slower speeds. $189.99 P/N 70-1375 for the pair, or P/N 70-1380 $149.99 for Slalom.

JUNIOR SKIS: Junior Skis, Quality performance is now available in 58" skis. Features steel rod reinforcement, RIM molded construction, concave bottom, beveled edge design, and much more. Quality Bindings provide a comfortable, secure fit and are easily adjusted with one hand. Drop through plastic fin. Awesome Red & Gold Graphics P/N 70-1325 $159.99

CHILD TRAINER SKIS: Tikiman Hot Pursuit, or Hobie Da Cat Child Trainer Skis provide 48" children's training system, equipped with adjustable ropes and hardware. Comfortable slide bindings & 2" high impact rudders, great graphics for only $79.99 P/N 70-1300

ROPES: Call Us for more information on our wide variety of tournament ropes, tows & harnesses. There are so many quality ropes & tows available, from a simple inexpensive single handle rope for $15.99 all the way to professional tournament 75' ski powerline with 360 degree handle for $74.99 AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN!


Swivel Eze Through-The-Deck Ski Tow is perfect for inboard-outboards and jet boats. Mounts through the aft deck, fastening to the boat transom. Mounting holes are trimmed out with polished stainless steel washers. All mounting hardware included.3" dia. rings, 1-1/4" polished stainless steel tube. 14" Tall P/N 73-3201 ONLY $56.99

Swivel-Eze Original Ring & Hook System - Prices vary depending on design & application. Generally from $213.99, to the highest quality available at $298.49

STREAM MACHINE WATER GUN - This great water toy shoots water up to 70 FEET! It has proven to be a MOST POWERFUL WEAPON , and is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!! Over the years I have become somewhat of a squirt gun expert, and believe me, for the money THIS IS THE ONLY WORTHY WATER $15.99 P/N 72-2011

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