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Image Portfolios by Location

Eastern Sierra - Mono County
Bridgeport Valley
Hoover Wilderness
Long Valley
Lundy Canyon
McGee Canyon
Mammoth Lakes Basin
Mono Lake Basin

Eastern Sierra - Inyo County
Bishop Creek
Death Valley
Little Lakes Valley - Upper
Little Lakes Valley - Lower
Owens Valley

Central and Western Sierra Nevada (High Sierra)
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Lake Tahoe
San Joaquin River Basin
Tioga Pass
Western Sierra
Yosemite Valley

Central Coast of California
Big Sur
Monterey Bay
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara

Image Portfolios by Release

Nataqua-1 1/5/1998
Sealth-1 1/5/1998
Sealth-2 1/5/1998
Sealth-3 1/5/1998
Sealth-4 2/21/1998
Sealth-5 4/21/1998
Sealth-6 6/29/1998
Sealth-7 8/26/1998
Sealth-8 10/31/1998
Sealth-9 1/31/1999
Sealth-10 4/30/1999
Sealth-11 1/14/2000
Sealth-12 2/9/2000
Sealth-13 3/1/2000
Sealth-14 3/28/2000
Sealth-15 1/22/2007
Sealth-16 1/22/2007
Sealth-17 1/23/2007
Sealth-18 1/25/2007
Sealth-19 1/29/2007
Sealth-20 1/30/2007
Sealth-21 1/31/2007
Sealth-22 5/31/2007
Sealth-23 5/31/2007
Sealth-24 5/31/2007
Sealth-25 3/31/2008

Introduction to Images

Based in the Eastern Sierra and the Central Coast of California, Jim Ogg combines his photography and image processing experience to create Sealth and Nataqua images.

  • The Sealth digitally created images represent the oneness of humans and the environment. Most are anthropomorphic landscapes.
  • The Nataqua images represent the mountains, streams, lakes, falls and wildernesses that once were in or near the state of Nataqua.

Each image is a member of two portfolios: location and release. The location portfolios contain an accumulation of the images for a particular location while the release portfolios consists of the added images at a date. The first time visitor may want to select a location of interest to start. Then follow with viewing of other location portfolios. The repeat visitor may want to view the more recent release portfolios then revisit location portfolios and other release portfolios as desired. Three versions of each image are available for viewing at increasing resolution and/or size.

Prints are available for purchasing as Ilfochrome®, formerly Cibachrome, prints from medium format, 3" x 2" (75 x 50 mm) transparencies . Also Jim exhibits his prints in the Eastern Sierra and Central Coast.

Participants please see the Active Participants page. Thanks.

Image Content Warning

Note that some of the images contain the uncovered adult female face which may offend some with certain strong religious convictions. Also often the female and/or male human form is included; this warning is provided with the understanding that the human form may offend some viewers. As a guideline, if the viewer found any of the following offensive then the viewer may find some of the Sealth images offensive: Sistine Chapel's frescoes; Kobenhavn's Little Mermaid statue; any Maxfield Parrish image; or Sitting room drawing scene from the 1997 movie "Titanic".

Copyright Notice


This artwork is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN . All photograph/artwork are copyrighted by Jim Ogg. No part of this web site and/or documents, files, images, and art may be produced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including: photocopying, recording, and/or by any information storage and retrieval system existing or developed in the future without the permission in writing from Jim Ogg. Anyone who would do so is a rati*.

Contact Information

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* Viking runic (stone monuments) inscriptions often include "a rati be he who destroys this stone or drags it from here". What rati meant is unknown but as a Viking curse it has got to be very bad - "The Vikings", Johannes Brondsted, Pelican Books, 1976, page 200.