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In the 1850s and early 60s, the eastern boundary of the state of California was ill-defined and the pioneers in the Eastern Sierra, preferring self rule to that of the state of California and its counties, took advantage.

On April 26, 1856, a group of pioneers in the Susanville area prepared and approved a document creating the state between the crest of the Sierra and the Utah territory. It defined its boundaries as outside California; its western boundary was the crest of the Sierra and included all of the Eastern Sierra and northwestern and central western Nevada. The name of this state was given as "Nataqua", a Paiute name.

The document creating Nataqua included a code of law, elected officials, and prescribed public works. The state of Nataqua operated successfully for several years and eventually led to a shoot-out between the Plumas County, California, sheriff's posse and pioneers of Susanville on February 15, 1863. The posse was sent to enforce California tax collecting.

The state of Nataqua was overtaken by the politics of Gold and Silver - the Comstock and Esmeralda (Dog Town, Monoville, Bodie, Lost Cement, and Aurora) lodes - and a precise survey of California's eastern boundary. However many who now call the Eastern Sierra home still have sympathy with the spirit of Nataqua. (History based on "Sierra-Nevada Lakes" by George and Bliss Hinkle.)


The Nataqua images represent the mountains, streams, lakes, falls and wildernesses that once were in or near the state of Nataqua and embody the spirit of Nataqua and its pioneers. Nataqua Release 1 is available.

Nataqua images are exhibited in the Eastern Sierra and Central Coast. Nataqua images were exhibited in Mammoth Lakes at the "Looney Bean" from July to December 1998 and at the "Quick Fix" from February 1996 to November 1997. Mono Lake Sand Tufas in Winter Image

The Nataqua images are Ilfochromes® prints and sized at 11"x 14". Also many of the Sealth images without their human forms are available as Nataqua images. If interested please contact by e-mail or regular mail. Also larger sizes prints can be ordered.

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